Blinkers 2G Premium Disposable Vape – Black Mamba

Blinkers 2G Premium Disposable Vape – Black Mamba


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2G Premium Disposable Vape Device

THC Distillate & Terpenes


Black Mamba (Indica)

lavor: Dive deep into the intoxicating aroma that follows wherever Black Mamba is. The unmistakable flavor of grape can be tasted promptly but it’s made a bit more enticing as it’s paired up with the taste of freshly ripe plums. Both of the flavors are made clear early on and remain consistent throughout the entire time Black Mamba is used. Blinkers Black Mamba is a great choice for users who are searching for a flavor that has some notes of familiarity and some that are not as easily made known.

Mood: Blinkers Black Mamba delivers an instantaneous upbeat feeling from the first hit. After that, the upbeat feeling begins to slightly fade into feelings of sleepiness and hunger. Ideally, this strain is meant for evening use because of how Black Mamba tackles all symptoms of insomnia, allowing users to sleep deeply. Individuals should be thoroughly resting their body after using Blinkers Black Mamba to be able to truly experience the benefit this strain boasts. 

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