Blinkers 2G Premium Disposable Vape – Lemon Slushie

Blinkers 2G Premium Disposable Vape – Lemon Slushie


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Flavor: This Sativa strain has an abundance of citrus flavors that hit the taste buds all at once. As the two competing tastes, sweet and sour, briefly dance across your senses, the familiar aroma of tart lemon fills the air and the body. There is no better time than the beginning of the day to indulge in the sugary, yet subtly sour flavor that Lemon Slushie has to offer.

Mood: From the first inhale to the very last, Lemon Slushie gives its users a happy buzz that can be felt throughout their entire body. There are many users that use this strain to help manage some mild feelings of anxiety and stress; additionally, any minor bodily pains are easily made manageable.With the decrease in pain and an increase in focus, it’s no wonder so many users turn to Lemon Slushie to help them tackle on their day to day activities.

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