Galactic Runtz (Exotic) Connoisseur Shelf

Galactic Runtz (Exotic) Connoisseur Shelf


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The Galactic Runtz Strain from House of Cultivar’s Grand Cru Line was bred by the innovative team over at Exotic Genetix and is a newer, exclusive limited release. Galactic Runtz is a mix of Falcon 9 (Sunset Sherbet x Tina) and Runtz (Zkittles x Gelato).

The Galactic Runtz strain is a THC dominant variety. The taste is reminiscent of childhood sweets: some users report it tasting like Skittles, while others say it reminds them of Fruit Loops.

The strain is colorful with resin-soaked buds that range in color; the rainbow effect brings everything from deep purple magenta to bright, piercing lime green to the surface.

Both fruity and sweet, these asteroid-sized Runtz nugs are a treat for users (many of whom report not being able to get enough). It’s dangerously delicious and delightfully smooth. This strain is known to potentially produce a creative, balanced high that is out of this world. Much like the name suggests, you will likely blast off after just a couple of puffs. The easy trip into space is enough to make Elon Musk jealous.

While this strain is indica-dominant, it doesn’t seem to leave users couch-locked or KO’d. Instead, it’s been said to inspire a sense of euphoria and childlike wonder. Many who smoke this report that the world seems brighter, easier, and their depression melts away. We’re not saying smoking this will transport you back to a time when your only responsibility was eating Fruit Loops and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning … but we’re not NOT saying that either.


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