Jeeter Juice Live Resin Disposable – Harambe

Jeeter Juice Live Resin Disposable – Harambe


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Harambe, named for a gorilla turned meme and not the same as Harambe’s Ghost, is a strain with multiple origin stories. Here are two of them.

Harambe by Loompa Farms

Harambe as created by Loompa Farms is a mostly indica cross between Foo Dog (a variation of OG Kush) and Frost Berry Blast.

There’s very little info available on Loompa’s Harambe but judging by its parents, it probably smells like pungent earth, sweet herbs, and fruit and tastes like pine and lemons.

Harambe by Third Eye Genetics

Third Eye’s Harambe is an indica-dominant combination of a Grape Ape mother crossed with a GG #4 and Jet Fuel father.

The top reported aromas of Harambe are sour earth and pungent spices. It’s said to taste similar with herb and grape notes.

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