Purple Gelato

Purple Gelato

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Purple Gelato is a hybrid cannabis strain created by the combination of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert. This weed comes with a THC content of around 22%. It offers balanced effects – keeping your mind active while relaxing your body at the same time. The overall flavor profile of this weed is sweet, making it a popular choice for a lot of users.

Effects of Purple Gelato
The main outcomes of smoking these buds include euphoria and relaxation. It is reported to provide a balance of calmness and upliftment, making it a great choice for social settings. It is also a good weed to smoke during the day as it can calm your nerves without making you sedated. Because of its moderately high THC content, it may not suit complete beginners too much. It can sometimes lead to dizziness and cause headaches too.

It has also been reported to help treat medical conditions like anxiety, depression, headaches, and stress.

Aroma and Taste
Purple Gelato strain has a sweet overall flavor profile. It contains fruity notes of berries along with sweet notes of pine. These are complemented by tangy notes of citrus. These characteristics are thanks to the following terpenes:


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